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We provide business to business services in the areas of Data Entry Management, Website Development, Marketing, Social Media and Promotions.  Currently these services are only available in Jamaica.


Data Entry Managment 

 Business to Business we provide Data Entry Managment services. That will help to keep your business on top. Have a Small or Medium size business and need Data Entry Services. Contract us, we will scan, electronically file and organize your business data for you to keep you on track.

Service includes but is not limited to the following:


*Employee Records

*Excel Spreadsheet

*Transferring Handwritten Documents to MS Word &PDF 

Starting at $60,000JMD

Writing on Tablet

Grant Writing 

We will look closely at the current program that your organization provides and will find suitable projects to apply for on your behalf. We will continue monitoring your application until a grant is secured and will share all details and development virtually to our point of contact at your organization. 6-month contracts or 12-month contract available $ 30,000JMD per month 


Website Development 

Have a business and want to bring it to life? We can assist with the design, development and creation of your own company website. Additional we also provide weekly, monthly and quarterly website updates for additional fee. Ask now to learn more about our prices. Website starting as low as $45,000JMD.


Marketing, Social Media and Promotions 

As a new business its not always easy to get yourself noticed. We provide marketing services that will support the development of your business: 

This consist of advertisement development print, ads, banners, written radio scripts, boost online platforms search engine i,e google. assist with 5 start rating, and social media development as well as flyer design and street promoting.

Starting at $50,000JMD

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Non-Profit & Charity Revenue Developer 

We will strategically create a variety of funding solutions specifically for your organization. Such as campaigns, programs, events, drives and assisted services this will be both long term and short-term planning that will be in line with your organizations mission and value system it may take several weeks to construct before implementation. $100, 000JMD for 3 months

Upon contracting us to provide a service we generally require a 30 day time period to complete each task unless otherwise specified during assessment. 

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