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Get up to date with the latest on with G.L.E.R here we will share the lates news, events and promotions. 

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Raffle drew $100 Ticket 

Buy a $100jmd ticket and get the chance to win $20000 Shopping spree with G.L.E.R. 

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Raffle drew $500

This is your chance to win cash. Buy a $500jmd ticket and win $10000jmd Cash. 

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Big Raffle Ticket $1000

This is the Big One get a chance to win $100,000 e-gift card for G.L.E.R Shopping Spree. Buy your $1000jmd ticket now and win big. 

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Raffle Ticket $1500

Don't know what Raffle to buy? we have got you covered buy a 3 in 1 Raffle at $1500jmd and get a chance each prize your name will be placed in all three Raffles for a chance to win big. 

There must be 3 winners! 

Raffle drive will be on going until December 31, 2024. There must be 3 winners. So, buy your ticket now for a chance to win. Winners will be posted accordingly on this page. Contact us now to buy your ticket today! 

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